Online Cello Lessons: Great Free and Affordable Adult Cello Lessons for 2023


Trying to figure out how to learn the cello online for free?

This article contains recommendations for the best free and affordable online cello lessons on the internet.

abstract, art, audio-2099064.jpgThe cello has soared in popularity in recent years, and during the pandemic a lot of people made the jump to learn this magnificent instrument while sequestered in lockdown.

Unfortunately, the push to learn everything online inspired a host of many hastily produced and inadequate online cello courses. 

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So be careful where you look for cello lessons! Avoid paying a large sum of money for an online course. Those cello courses are rarely ever worth the hefty price tag. 

(This blog comes from Cello Discovery which is a highly effective cello course for adults) 

There’s no substitute for great cello instruction. Be sure to examine an instructor’s experience and passion for teaching when considering online cello lessons. Also pay attention to their ability to listen, to analyze and plan an improvement strategy.

So knowing that, where do you go to get the best instruction? And how do you know what is good and what is not? 

Listed below are a number of reputable websites.

Though all the sources are vetted, do your due diligence and check the experience of the teachers and read student reviews to make your choice.

Here’s the lowdown on the best free and affordable online cello lessons which actually work!


FREE – Online Cello LESSONS

1.Cello Bello

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CelloBello is everything about the cello! From cello lessons, to music events and competitions, to articles and videos from the world’s top cellists.

There are lessons, master classes, videos and blogs all with EXPERT advice. Though there are a handful of beginning lessons, a lot of the material is geared towards the intermediate student.


2.The Cello Professor

Jamie Fiste is the cello professor. This website is chocked-full of ideas for teaching younger to advanced players.

Paul Rolland inspired action studies (movement exercises) are emphasized. There is tons of outstanding information for the beginning student along with resources and downloads. Excellent teaching.



3.Cello Discovery

Carolyn Hagler is the mastermind behind Cello Discovery. She is a lifelong performer and pedagogue.

There are many great tools on the resource page for cellists. Cello Discovery also has a YouTube Channel with lots of free lessons. The site directly is an extremely affordable program for learning the cello online. It is $35 a month for access to everything in the site (sequential cello lessons, interactive music scores, weekly Zoom sessions for all, downloadable music & virtual cello choir).

Premium membership is $85/month which includes everything in the site and a monthly video exchange or 30 minute Zoom lesson.

There are hundreds of highly-polished, sequential videos and super fun interactive music scores for the students to play along with. There is also a built-in community. There is no minimum subscription length and members can cancel anytime.

This is a very unique and highly effective way to learn the cello later in life.



4.Cello Academy

Hans Zentgraf was early in the game for online lessons.

He is a seasoned, professional cellist and pianist and his webisite has been around for over a decade.

Hans has a selection of videos for the beginning cellist along with numerous beautiful recordings.

The downside is that the videos are a little grainy, and the pace is a little fast for someone who has never played the cello.



Maxim Kozlov is the face of CelloPedia.

He is a Russian-born cellist who holds American citizenship and has held several principal cellist positions, including the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. 

His Youtube channel has a mountain of great beginning level cello lessons and practices – over 600 videos at the moment!


AFFORDABLE – Online Cello LESSONS for Adults


If you are still looking for more, you might consider private lessons.

Prices vary greatly. Look for an experienced and reputable teacher in your city first. If there aren’t any teachers who meet your specific criteria, try Zoom lessons.

The world is your oyster. You can select a teacher from anywhere in the world. 

1.Tony Rogers

Tony was the mastermind behind the Covid cello. Project.

He currently lives in Austin, TX and teaches zoom lessons throughout the world, He is an engineer-turned-cellist as well as a super nice and easy-going guy. 

Good luck on your journey to learn how to play the cello!

Carolyn Hagler - Instructor

About the Author: Carolyn Hagler is the founder and director of – “The Home for Beginning Adult Cello Students”. She is a tenured member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra and earned a Master of Music degree in cello performance from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds a K-12 teaching certificate in the state of Texas. Carolyn has focused her pedagogy on teaching adults the joy of learning the cello through a natural, relaxed body, achievable goals and fun, engaging interactive music scores. Carolyn spent decades honing her skills as an expert teacher of beginning students. Throughout her many years as a public school orchestra director, she was able to teach hundreds of students the skills necessary to win top honors in contests and festivals throughout the state of Texas As a cellist, Carolyn has performed on numerous recordings and soundtracks, toured internationally and explored many different styles of music. Though raised in Northern California, she currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and their dog, Annie.
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