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Cello Course Designed for the Adult Learner.
Comprehensive Beginning & Intermediate
Online Cello Instruction

Afraid it's too late to learn the cello?
It's certainly not!
THIS is where adults learn how to play the cello.

From your first notes through the upper-intermediate level, this course has something for you.
Follow the sequential curriculum, or pick-and-choose what you want to learn.

Welcome to Cello Discovery™


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An affordable, comprehensive cello course.


What you WON’T find in Cello Discovery™ are random coaching videos from dozens of different cello celebrities. This is REAL pedagogy, taught sequentially from a life-long educator and professional cellist. 


And it was created for YOU…

the adult cello student. 

What's Included in This Cello Course?

Hundreds of Sequential Cello Lessons

Expert instruction covering everything from day 1 through the intermediate level – concise, easy-to-digest lessons. Quizzes will test your knowledge & awards will help you stay motivated!

Interactive Music Scores

Our one-of-a-kind interactive music allows you to play along with the cello scores. And we’re not talking about simply slowing down a video. This is like a living, pop-up method book which includes professionally recorded video accompaniment tracks and adjustable tempos!

Weekly Zoom Workshops

Join us for weekly Zoom sessions for more in-depth info. on a variety of cello-related topics including tone, technique, gear, & learning how to practice. Guest appearances with a variety of string specialists.

Video Exchange for Premium Members

Premium members can send in videos for private feedback via a video exchange. OR chose a 30 minute Zoom lesson each month! Advance much faster with this exceptional option. It’s an added level of accountability.

Take Notes & Save Lessons

You can take notes inside all lessons and save (or download) them all. You can also bookmark your favorite lessons to easily access them any time.

Supportive Community

Our community page is MUCH more than a help page. It’s a place for collective learning where you’ll experience friendly member interaction. And unlike other online cello courses, here you’ll have regular, personal feedback from an experienced teacher. 

Don't take our word for it - take theirs!

Want to Learn the Cello but Having Trouble Making The Commitment?

  • 🧐 Have you thought about learning to play the cello online but you can’t seem to commit? We know. It’s scary. Where do you begin? There is an abundance of online cello course offerings on the Internet now, but many only include a series of rudimentary videos. And you simply can’t learn from videos alone. You need a community, hands-on engagement, weekly check-ins & LOTS of content. Cello Discovery offers this and SO much more. Hundreds of others have had success learning from our unique program. If you follow our curriculum, you will be successful too!
  • 🥳 Our program is truly a cello academy without the lofty price tag. Expert instruction along with engaging & easy-to-use technology for successful learning. Perfectly paced, sequential lessons. No previous musical experience required – you’ll learn one note at a time!
  • 🤗 A lot of adults learn to play the cello later in life. We won’t ever promise we can teach you to play the cello in a month, or the Bach G major Prelude in six months, or that you’ll be able to learn easily & effortlessly. Why? Because that isn’t good pedagogy and those are unrealistic expectations. Learning the cello takes time and real work. But when you set realistic goals and follow our sequential curriculum, it becomes a reality. And THAT is the truth.

Looking for an Affordable, Online Cello Course that REALLY works?

  • Have you tried to save money by learning the cello through Youtube and free resources? Are you getting conflicting information? Did you try another online course, but it was too expensive, and not substantive enough? 
  • Maybe you tried Zoom lessons… but it’s on their schedule, and comes with significant pricing.
  • We hear you. It’s time to unleash your inner-cellist and join Cello Discovery! We offer a robust course with expert instruction, on your schedule and at a SERIOUSLY friendly price point (for as little as $35/mo!).  No minimum subscription term. Feel free to check out our free cello resource list too!

Not Sure if You Can Learn the Cello in Your 30's (or 50's or 70's)?

  • 👉 Learning a musical instrument has IMMENSE benefits as we age including sharpened memory skills, increased coordination and reduced stress. But best of all, music feeds the soul (Read this).
  • 👉 Anyone can learn to play the cello, but some struggle is inevitable. Fortunately, you only have to learn it one day at a time… one skill at a time. Slow, careful work will get you there.
  • 👉 Begin your cello journey by exploring our vast collection of step-by-step video tutorials along with our incredibly engaging interactive online music scores. Learn in your home at your pace. And if you want a little extra attention, try our video exchange plan. (More Q&A about learning the cello here.)
  • 👉 Cello Discovery also works as a great supplement to your in-person cello lessons. 

Share Your Experiences in Our Online Cello Community

  • Our community is made up of people just like you.
  • It’s people who love the cello and have either dreamed of learning it or are coming back to it after a long hiatus.
  • It’s a welcoming, nurturing place full of people ready to cheer you on. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to perform in front of others and you’ll certainly make friends along the way. 
  • Meet in Person! Attend a live, summer Cello Discovery workshop and have the opportunity to meet one another face-to-face as you learn and rehearse together in the real world. 

Hi, I'm Carolyn Hagler, the Founder & Director of Cello Discovery. Here's a little more about me...

  • Education in Music & Pedagogy. Master of Music in Performance plus an Education Certification in K-12 Texas
  •  Tenured Symphonic Player. I started my career in the New World Symphony and I’m currently tenured with the  Austin Symphony.
  • Studio Musician. I’ve recorded on movie soundtracks, dozens of albums and shared the stage with rock, jazz, folk & classical legends.
  • Touring Artist. Featured on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” & National Radio Spain during inter-continental tours.
  • Lifetime Educator. I taught my first student in 1981. I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve come a LONG, long way.
  • Chamber Musician. From string quartets to singer-songwriters, I’ve played in a whole host of chamber ensembles.

More Cello Discovery Love Notes 🥰

Basic Plan
$35 / Month
Recurring monthly tuition. Upgrade anytime. Cancel anytime.
All Cello Discovery Sequential Video Cello Lessons
Interactive Cello Music Scores (A Cello Discovery Exclusive!)
Weekly Zoom Workshops
Downloadable Music, fingering charts, and lesson highlights
"In-House" Social Community
NEW: Virtual Cello Choir! 🎵
$125 / Month
EVERYTHING in Basic Plan
**PLUS**: ONE 45 minute private Zoom lesson every month!
👉👉👉 Looking for a private lesson OUTSIDE of Cello Discovery membership? Price is $90 USD for a 45 min lesson, limited availability. Inquire at: info@cellodiscovery.com

(Scholarships available for students with financial hardships living outside US, Canada, Australia, Western Europe. Please contact info@cellodiscovery.com)

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