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Online Beginning Cello Course for Adults


Learn to play the cello online with an affordable, step-by-step program. At $20/mo. there's nothing to lose! A hybrid method with video instruction, interactive scores & plenty of personalized feedback.

From Discovery.... to Mastery

How it Works

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Begin Learning the Cello by Committing.

You want to learn to play the cello. We’ll help you commit to success. Half the battle is that first step.

The biggest hurdle is where and how to start learning the cello.

A lot of adults learn to play the cello later in life. When you set realistic goals and follow our sequential curriculum, it becomes a reality.

step 2-become a member

Learn with an Affordable, Online Cello Course.

Learning the cello online is your goal… but Youtube and free resources just aren’t cutting it. 

You tried Zoom lessons… but it’s on their schedule, and comes with some serious pricing. 

We hear you. We offer learning on your schedule and at a SERIOUSLY friendly price point you deserve ($20/mo!).

step 3 - explore

Follow the Step-by-Step Beginning Cello Curriculum.

Begin your cello journey by exploring the vast collection of step-by-step video tutorials, interactive online music studies and a unique music curriculum. 

Learn in your home at your pace. 

(Cello Discovery also works as a great supplement to your in-person cello lessons).

step 4 meet others

Share Your Experiences with our Online Cello Community.

Cello Discovery is proud to offer you a hybrid model for learning. Our sequential video lessons and interactive music keep you on the big track.  

Our community page is much more than a help page. It’s a place for collective learning. Experience friendly member interaction and regular, personal feedback from Carolyn.

What You Get

  • Hundreds of sequential, detailed video cello lessons. Watch as many times as you like.
  • Interactive cello music. Play along with professionally recorded (REAL!) accompaniments & learn to read music quicker & easier!
  • Downloadable music. Unique beginning cello literature as well as standard classics.
  • Downloadable fingering charts and lesson highlights.
  • “In-House” Community. Learn from other beginning adult cello players.
  • Regular, personal feedback from Carolyn Hagler, founder and director of Cello Discovery.
  • An excellent resource for beginning cello students or a perfect compliment to in-person lessons.

Words From Our Cello Discovery Members


$20/Month for the Complete Cello Course.  

No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

We’re celebrating the inaugural year of Cello Discovery with a special introductory price of $20/month
for as long as you’re a member with us!

(Scholarships available for those students living outside US, Canada, Australia, Western Europe. Please contact info@cellodiscovery.com)