Select Your Starting Point.

If you are just beginning your studies on the cello, start your learning with Beginning, Level I. If you have some experience with the cello but it has been many years, feel reach out to us so we can help you determine the perfect starting point.

How to Use this Site

Start here! This short course will give you the full layout of the website as well as how to work within the courses, the interactive music and the community page.

Beginner Level 1

The Cello Discovery “Beginner Level 1” course is designed for the student with no prior experience playing the cello. Detailed video lessons are presented to teach the student everything from where to get a good cello – all the way through making the first sounds on the cello.

Beginner Level 2

Beginner Level 2 course takes the student through learning to play in the three different parts of the bow as well as how to producer a beautiful, full tone. It concludes with beginning level music literature on open strings.

Beginner Level 3

In this course, the student will learn how to shape the left hand and begin using the 1st finger in some simple music literature.

Beginner Level 4

In this course, the student will learn 1st position on all strings as well as slurs and double-stops.

Beginner Level 5

This course covers half position, extensions and advancing music literature.

Intermediate Level 1

Int. Level I takes the student through shifting, double-stops and how to practice scales.

Intermediate Level 2

Int. Level 2 explores harmonics and advancing bowing techniques.

Intermediate Level 3

Int. Level 3 has an in-depth study on vibrato and transitions to more complex music literature.

Intermediate Level 4

Int. Level 4 explores an introduction to thumb position, improvisation as well as with learning to read tenor and treble clefs.

Advanced Level 1

In Adv. Level 1, the student will dive deep into thumb position and advanced double-stops

Advanced Level 2

This level will explore orchestral skills and musicality.