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Beginning Level

The Cello Discovery “Beginner” curriculum is designed for the student with no prior experience playing the cello. Very detailed video lessons are presented to teach the student everything from where to get a good cello to unpacking + care of the instrument – followed by first sounds and fun, unique introductory music literature. There are dozens of lessons to watch BEFORE the first sounds are ever made on the cello. Most of the lessons include interactive music which allows the student a large variety of practice options including professionally recorded accompaniments to play along with! Students completing the beginner level will have a solid understanding of the open strings, 1st position, slurs, string crossings, extensions, half position & basic note reading. All of the material is presented in a detailed, sequential order so that the new student will be successful in their quest to become a cellist.

Level 1:  For the student with no prior experience.
Level 2:  Three different parts of the bow, how to produce a beautiful tone, beginning music literature on open strings.
Level 3:  Properly shape the left hand, how to use the 1st finger with a clear tone.
Level 4:  All the first position notes on each string, slurs, and double stops.
Level 5:  Half position, extensions and advancing music literature.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate student may have played the cello in middle school or perhaps even high school, yet never fully learned the instrument to the extent they had hoped to. The Cello Discovery “Intermediate” level lessons gives the learner a good place to jump back in. With this class level, the student can follow a sequential curriculum or search particular key words in order to fill-in the knowledge deficiencies. A 12-part section on vibrato is offered at this level along with double-stops, thumb position, tenor & treble clef & refining the bow technique. Shifting and an introduction to scales are also presented in the intermediate level.

Level 1:  Shifting, double-stops, and how to practice scales.
Level 2:  Harmonics and advancing bowing techniques
Level 3:  In-depth study on vibrato and transitions, more complex music literature.

Refinement & Technique

The “Refinement” level is currently under construction but when complete it will contain lessons within these topics: Very precise, fine motor-skills are needed in order to produce a beautifully polished tone along with a crisp, masterful technique. Many students have the ability to play a wide range of music, but they lack the velvety, fine sound they are striving to produce. Tone, vibrato and bow hand technique are analyzed and discussed at this level as well as maturing thumb position, advanced double-stops and a variety of orchestral skills necessary to acquire when playing in a community orchestra.

Level 1:  Dive deep into thumb position and advanced double-stops.
Level 2:  Orchestral skills and musicality.