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Thank you to my wonderful colleague, Valerie Klatt Fischer for the lovely feature on Cello Discovery in Cello Central Texas!

Adults Can & Should Learn to Play the Cello!

Carolyn Hagler - Instructor

About the Author: Carolyn Hagler is the founder and director of – “The Home for Beginning Adult Cello Students”. She is a tenured member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra and earned a Master of Music degree in cello performance from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds a K-12 teaching certificate in the state of Texas. Carolyn has focused her pedagogy on teaching adults the joy of learning the cello through a natural, relaxed body, achievable goals and fun, engaging interactive music scores. Carolyn spent decades honing her skills as an expert teacher of beginning students. Throughout her many years as a public school orchestra director, she was able to teach hundreds of students the skills necessary to win top honors in contests and festivals throughout the state of Texas As a cellist, Carolyn has performed on numerous recordings and soundtracks, toured internationally and explored many different styles of music. Though raised in Northern California, she currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and their dog, Annie.

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  1. What a beautiful interview.   I feel so hopeful about learning this instrument.   I loved and needed to hear about the metronome practice.  I love playing with drones and I am wondering about drone plus metronome practice together with scales.   I love playing scales…(no joke) I am not a metronomic player and dearly needed to hear you talk about the metronome..the way you put it makes me want to try!   I feel playing this instrument is synonymous with meditation…even with a metronome!  This was a eureka moment for me!

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