Video Exchange Feature

A feature of the Premium Membership Plan

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Here’s how it works:

Start by gathering your thoughts and deciding what you want to include in your video exchange lesson. For example:
  • What do you need the most help with?
  • What piece(s) are you working on and what in particular is giving you trouble?
  • Do you have any pain when you play?

Make a video where you ask questions, explain a particular issue you are having or play a piece. Your video can be any length up to about 15 minutes.

Upload your video to YouTube (or any other video hosting platform) and set the privacy to “unlisted.”

Once you are logged in to the Cello Discovery site as a Premium Member:
  • Open the blue colored tab titled   Video Exchange   located on the right side of any Cello Discovery page*. There you will see a conversation started between you and Carolyn.
  • Add the video link in the main paragraph body. You can ask anything else here as well.
  • Click “Respond” at the bottom of the page.
  • Carolyn will watch the video and give you detailed notes on how to improve you particular concerns.
  • Do it all again next month!
* The Video Exchange Tab will be visible for Premium Members within 1-2 days after signing up or upgrading to the Premium membership level.
Your other option is to have a 30 minute Zoom lesson once a month. You’ll reach out through the private exchange tab and suggest possible days/times for a lesson. I’ll reach out to confirm a time. You’ll get a Zoom log in about 10 minutes before start time and the log in will be visible through the private exchange area. 
You can also alternate each month between video exchange or a Zoom lesson. It’s entirely up to you!
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